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E-commerce Development
E-commerce Development


Salvage Antiques Vintage Etc. emerged as a fresh retail venture in Florence, serving as an extension of Canon City Architectural Salvage. The challenge was to create a new, SEO-friendly brand name suitable for the Florence location, capable of embracing future expansions and shifts. The objective was to leverage the existing customer base and social media audience, smoothly transitioning to the new brand while cultivating a robust retail following.


Our strategy began with establishing a brand identity that balanced SEO-rich keywords with a marketable domain name. We chose to signify cost savings on distinctive items in Florence compared to larger urban centers like Denver. The branding process included designing the store's original sign using repurposed letters from Canon City Architectural Salvage, setting the tone for subsequent marketing materials. The striking orange theme was selected for its visibility, as the store was located farther from the street than neighboring buildings. Desiant implemented a leading e-commerce platform for the website and initiated a new social media strategy, drawing from our experience with Puckerfish's successful launch of 10 stores. We formulated an email marketing strategy and amplified the SAVE Facebook page well in advance of the store's opening. Our promotional efforts included distributing flyers and postcards locally to stir excitement for the grand opening, which featured a classic car show and food vendors, ensuring a high-impact launch.


Salvage Antiques Vintage Etc. had a great grand opening leading to consistent sales every month since the store opened. In recent years, Desiant has transitioned the store's website to an advanced e-commerce platform, enabling nationwide sales. The incorporation of pay-per-click marketing and continuous Facebook promotions has cultivated a substantial customer base, sustaining steady sales despite challenges like COVID shutdowns and market shifts. The store now boasts thousands of loyal customers and consistent sales, testament to our adaptive marketing strategies and robust online presence.